echo-box-frontEcho / Delay
quasar dlx deluxe phase machineDeluxe Phaser
Vagabond TremoloTremolo
???Vowel Shift Filter
Spring-theory-reverbSpring Reverb
???Ring Modulator
Subdecay Octasynth
Octave Synthesizer
Variac OverdriveHeavy Overdrive
Liquid Sunshine FrontOverdrive/Boost
Starlight Flanger frontMulti LFO Flanger
Prometheus DLX frontDeluxe Filter

Evolution of the (Super) Spring Theory reverb.

In late summer of 2014 we quietly released the Super Spring Theory... and then never made a real demo video. (We finally made one and you can watch it over there --->) The seeds

  • starlight flanger knobs demo

Exploring the depths of the Starlight Flanger v2

The Starlight v2 does more than your typical flanger. In our first demo for the Starlight v2 Sean covered a lot of sonic territory, but there was little in the way of explanation. Hell, we

When circuits are at war – YOU WIN!

Some will be offended, but loud crazy guitar sounds were never meant to be ordinary or boring.

Andy from PGS features the new Subdecay Starlight Flanger V2

Andy starts off this Starlight Flanger demo with one of my favorite songs by my favorite band. Check it out!