Starlight Flanger frontMulti LFO Flanger
ring modulatorRing Modulator
Variac OverdriveHeavy Overdrive
Spring-theory-reverbSpring Reverb
Liquid Sunshine FrontOverdrive/Boost
Subdecay OctasynthOctave Synthesizer
Proteus auto filter frontFilter
Siren Pitch VibratoPitch Vibrato
SuperNova Drive overdriveDistortion
Prometheus DLX frontDeluxe Filter
Anemnesis Echo Modulated DelayModulated Echo

Guitar effects that color outside the lines.

Remember that feeling when you first started playing guitar?  When every time you plugged in was a new discovery and every stompbox opened a new dimension of possibility? We want your gear to be exciting and inspiring again.

Channeling our varied influences from vintage tones, analog synthesizers and 8 bit computers, we hand craft off the beaten path sonic manipulation devices for musicians who want to stand out from the crowd.

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