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vector preamp

Vector Preamp

Coming soon!

4 Overdrive Channels.

3 Fuzz Channels.

4 Distortion Channels.

More info coming soon.

proteus-sample hold filter

Available now for $179. Proteus mkII.

Analog Sample Hold Filter!

  • All new design similar to the original Filter Sample/Hold.
  • Resonance knob goes from subtle to greasy synth filter grit.
  • Operates at up to 18 volts for maximum headroom
  • Front panel switch for low-pass and band-pass filters.
echo-box-frontEcho / Delay
quasar dlx deluxe phase machineDeluxe Phaser
Vagabond TremoloTremolo
???Vowel Shift Filter
Spring-theory-reverbSpring Reverb
???Ring Modulator
Subdecay Octasynth
Octave Synthesizer
Variac OverdriveHeavy Overdrive
Liquid Sunshine FrontOverdrive/Boost
Starlight Flanger frontMulti LFO Flanger
Prometheus DLX frontDeluxe Filter