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Starlight DLX WIN

Starlight DLX | Super Deluxe Flanger

From gated oscillation to Sample/Hold flanging the Starlight DLX goes far beyond the capabilities of any other flanger pedal on the planet.


Vitruvian Mod | Ring Modulator

A ring mod you can tune by sight. Perfect for live use and easy to dial in. Synth inspired pitch tracking modes turn this pedal into an octave and harmonic generator.

Octasynth WIN

Octasynth | Octave Synthesizer

The synthesizer pedal that actually sounds like a synth. Turn your guitar into three resonating octaves of raw waveforms & party like it’s 1984.

Prometheus DLX WIN

Prometheus DLX | Resonant Filter

A multimode resonant filter. With seven LFO shapes and infinite modulation options, it’s so much more than an envelope filter.