Stompbox User guides:

Anamnesis Echo
Harmonic Antagonizer
Liquid Sunshine MKIII
Prometheus DLX
Quasar DLX II
Super Nova Drive
Super Spring Theory
Starlight Flanger V2
Vitruvian Mod


Baby Quasar
Blackstar w/ Girth
Blackstar (dual drive)
Liquid Sunshine
Tomato Fuzz
Noise Box

Quasar Quantum
Spring Theory
Starlight Quantum
Starlight DLX
Stupid Box
Quasar DLX
Quasar (5 knob version)

Warranty and Returns:

We now require a completed return form for any products sent back to Subdecay. Please be sure to include all contact information.

Over 50% of all warranty returns are due to user error, or other faulty equipment (power supplies, patch cables etc.)  Please check everything thoroughly before sending pedals back to us.

It is important that you include as much information as possible about what is wrong with a pedal when sending pedals back to us.  This is especially helpful for intermittent problems or problems that only occur at specific settings.

Direct order & warranty return form

Subdecay effect pedals – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are all Subdecay Pedals True bypass?

-All of our pedals are true bypass with one exception.  The Anemnesis is truebypass when the natrual decay/ Trails switch is off, but uses a buffered bypass when it is on.

Q. What kind of warranty do Subdecay pedals have?

-Officially our pedals are warrantied for 3 years. Unofficially we pretty much fix anything you send back to us.

Q. Does Subdecay do custom work?

-We have tried offering custom builds in the past, but we don’t really have the time or space for it.

Q. One of the drive knobs makes a scratchy sound when I turn it. Is it broken?

-This is normal, and part of the design.

Q. Liquid sunshine trim pots; What are they for?

-The trim pots in the Liquid Sunshine are used to bias the two gain stages.  We do not recommend adjusting them from factory settings.  If you suspect someone has changed the trim pot settings you can download the Liquid Sunshine trim pot bias PDF.