Liquid Sunshine – Class A Overdrive

Out of Production

Our award winning* Class A Overdrive, The Liquid Sunshine was introduced in 2004 and has been a mainstay of our stompbox lineup ever since. The Liquid Sunshine bucks the current popular trends of overdrive pedals. It is neither fully “transparent” nor “uncompressed.” It is not modeled after a specific family of amplifiers. The Liquid Sunshine adds to your tone without overwhelming it.Low gain settings render tube power amp like compression. Add a bit more drive to gracefully ride the line between almost clean and a hint of breakup. Turn both drive controls near max for some classy sustaining rock overdrive. The all jFET design does not produce any “sharp edges” or hard clipping.

Where’s the tone control?

This pedal has two drive knobs. The top drive knob pushes the full range, while the bottom drive knob pushes the midrange and treble. Most overdrive’s tone controls have a very narrow band of useful settings. Because of the interactivity of the two drive knobs, and the jFET design we found The Liquid Sunshine did not need a dedicated tone control.

Is The Liquid Sunshine for me?

Equally well suited as an overdrive for a clean amplifier, or pushing cranked amp over the edge. This is especially important if you need an overdrive that works at many volumes. It won’t feel out of place on stage, at rehearsal or simply practicing at home.

The Liquid Sunshine absolutely loves being stacked. It’s great for pushing other drive pedals, but unlike many other low gain overdrives it excels when pushed by other dirt boxes too.

It’s also great for warming up your tone. Many modern amplifiers are biased cold. This may result in tubes lasting longer, which is especially important if the amp maker supplies the cheapest tubes available. It might even make an amp a little bit louder. Unfortunately this doesn’t always make for great tone. The Liquid Sunshine is a perfect match for amplifiers that leave you wanting more.

Many users of The Liquid Sunshine have used words like “tweedy” or “voxy” to describe its overdrive tone. This overdrive is not an “amp in a can” device. Often these designs will create a facsimile of amp tones, but often deliver unexpected depending on what amplifier is used. The design philosophy of this overdrive is to “play nice” with your tone. The Liquid Sunshine enhances what you already have.  It won’t make your amplifier sound like something it’s not.

*Premier Guitar’s 2007 Pedal Pick of The Year.


Notes about The Liquid Sunshine:

Powered by a 9 volt battery or a regulated 9VDC to 18VDC adaptor with a negative center 2.1mm barrel style plug. (18 VDC for units manufactured after March 2009 only)
If using a “daisy chain” power supply, all other pedals MUST be negative ground.
Current draw is less than 10mA.
Input impedance- 1M.
Output impedance- varies from 10k to 50K.
A special note to Liquid Sunshine owners: The lower drive knob on the pedal operates a little differently than most drive controls on other pedals. The short explanation is that it will always sound a little scratchy. It is not defective, it’s simply the way the circuit works.
L = 4.40″ X W = 2.36″ X H = 1.05″
The Liquid Sunshine is hand made in Oregon.
Die-cast metal enclosures for durability.
3PDT switches for true bypass switching.
Red LED indicator.
Three-year limited warranty.