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Quasar Phaser

Quasar Phaser v4

  • Eleven modes ranging from traditional to experimental.
  • Synchronized tremolo and chopper effects.
  • All analog signal path.
  • Active volume regulation.
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Vagabond Tremolo
Vagabond – Harmonic & Bias Tremolo
Quasar DLX Phaser
Quasar dlx – Deluxe Phaser
Prometheus DLX Filter
Prometheus DLX – Deluxe Filter
Starlight Flanger
Starlight Flanger v2
Proteus Sample/hold filter
Proteus Sample Hold Filter v2

Fuzz / Synth

Vagabond Tremolo
Octasynth – Synthesizer
Vitruvian Ring Modulator with pitch detection
Vitruvian Mod – Ring Modulator
Harmonic Antagonizer Oscillator Fuzz
Harmonic Antagonizer – Fuzz Oscillator

Delay / Reverb

Super Spring Theory
Super Spring Theory – Reverb
Echobox Modulated Delay
Echobox – Delay with Modulation


Vector Preamp
Vector – 11 Channel Preamp
Liquid Sunshine
Liquid Sunshine – Classic Overdrive