Pixel Wave
PixelWave – Phase distortion synth
Pixel Wave colors
PixelWave – Now in color
Super Spring Theory
M3 – 70s style mono synth
Super Spring Theory
Octave Theory – Octave Mod/Synthesizer
Tremcoder – Stereo Tremolo Sequencer
Super Spring Theory
Super Spring Theory – Reverb
Quasar v4
Quasar – Phaser v4
Proteus Sample/hold filter
Proteus Sample Hold Filter v2
Vitruvian Ring Modulator with pitch detection
Vitruvian Mod – Ring Modulator
Vector Preamp
Vector – 11 Channel Preamp
Vagabond Tremolo
Octasynth – Synthesizer
Vagabond Tremolo
Vagabond – Harmonic & Bias Tremolo
Quasar DLX Phaser
Quasar dlx – Deluxe Phaser
Starlight Flanger
Starlight Flanger v2
Harmonic Antagonizer Oscillator Fuzz
Harmonic Antagonizer – Fuzz Oscillator
Liquid Sunshine
Liquid Sunshine – Classic Overdrive

Pedal news and reviews.

  • printed circuit board

How pedals even work? Science! Part 1.

Over the years we’ve received emails from folks wanting a deeper explanation of how their pedals work. Some want an overview. Others want to get to the details and and nuances. As much as

  • vector analog preamp

Subdecay launches the Vector Preamp.

Subdecay is proud to announce the new eleven channel Vector Preamp. The Oregon pedal maker merges their early roots of fuzz and overdrive with their current design ethos. The Vector uses digitally controlled analog

Spring Theory: the beginning.

Since 2010 or so I'd been wanting expand our horizons. We had never made clones or pedals that were really supposed to emulate any kind of vintage gear. We had always tried to focus on

A little about us…

In 2009 we set out to take the old and make anew. That was my vision anyway. I wanted to take some of those old stand by effects we are all familiar with and expand. I