Blueshift – Short Line Flanger


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  • All analog audio path.
  • Full control over the range of the flanger sweep with dedicated manual, depth and regen controls.
  • 6 LFO shapes – Sine, Triangle, Triangle/Square, Random Sample/Hold, 8 Step and 16 Step.
  • Available in blue, black or unpainted finish.

May require 1-3 days to ship.

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Available direct only from Subdecay for a limited time. This limited run pedal is a return to Prototype series and Tweaktronix line we built in the summers of 2007 through 2009. Summer is the slow time of year giving us time to explore new ideas and share them with you. The octasynth and some of our early filter designs were born this way. We are offering this limited run pedal at a friendly price for a limited time. You’ll receive something unique. In return we’d like feedback, opinions or whatever other musings you may want to offer. Beer recommendation are welcome too, because beer x summer = awesome.

Similar to the Starlight, the Blue Shift is a flanger but with a shorter delay line pushing the effect to its limits. A shorter delay line stretches the flange sweep into higher regions. Regions the Starlight can’t reach. The tradeoff is missing out on the chorus sounds of the Starlight when manual and regen knobs are turned down. But hey this is a flanger, right?

Perhaps that’s an overly nerdtastic explanation. Here’s the TL;DR comparison.
Starlight = Flanger that can get a little chrous-y
Blue Shift = Flanges to the stratospheric maximus. Always flange. Never chorus. Never bore us.
While this is a limited run, we hope experimentation and customer feedback will be help us create a new pedal for the Subdecay lineup.

Prototype series pedals include a one year warranty to the original purchaser.

Weight 12 oz

no paint $129, Blue $139, Black $145