Most of us have a few pedals on a high shelf somewhere, in an old shoe box or buried deep in a dark closet somewhere. This is a place where we’ll explore the under loved, underused and even unlovable relics from the past.

By past we don’t mean 1968 or 1973. We are talking 1983, 1996 and other non-mojo years. Anyone can gush over Univibes, tape echos, tube driven reverb tanks, etc. That’s been done a bazillion times, but who’s going to take the time to run an old 8 bit delay through its paces and take the time to write about it? Who’s going to plug into some forgotten 80’s metal pedal and let you know if brings the BrOOtal toanz or just sounds like another can of enraged bees muffled by a wet blanket?

Who’s going to do it? We are. That’s who.

FX20B: Phaser of Darkness.

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Who has a soft spot for the DOD FX series? If you are a guitarist of a certain age you’ve probably owned a few of these. Maybe you still have one in the closet covered in grayish brown dust and almost certainly missing the battery door. When DOD got their start in the mid