How pedals even work? Science! Part 1.

Over the years we’ve received emails from folks wanting a deeper explanation of how their pedals work. Some want an overview. Others want to get to the details and and nuances. As much as I enjoy the topic, I don’t always have the time. So you’ll be seeing more posts from us with explanations

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Subdecay launches the Vector Preamp.

Subdecay is proud to announce the new eleven channel Vector Preamp. The Oregon pedal maker merges their early roots of fuzz and overdrive with their current design ethos. The Vector uses digitally controlled analog gain stages and an internal tonestack to pack eleven channels of overdrive and fuzz into a stunningly compact pedal. The

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FX20B: Phaser of Darkness.

Who has a soft spot for the DOD FX series? If you are a guitarist of a certain age you’ve probably owned a few of these. Maybe you still have one in the closet covered in grayish brown dust and almost certainly missing the battery door. When DOD got their start in the mid

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Exploring the depths of the Starlight Flanger v2

The Starlight v2 does more than your typical flanger. In our first demo for the Starlight v2 we covered a lot of sonic territory, but there was little in the way of explanation. Hell, we didn't even show the pedal settings throughout the shoot or even say anything about it. That led to a a

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